Realtors & Lenders: Parnter With Kriss Law/Atlantic In 2018

One Of Our Large 2017 Continuing Education Events

With a new year and a new market upon us, we at Kriss Law/Atlantic are optimistic that 2018 will present many opportunities for not only our company, but for our partners as well. From strong home buyer confidence to consumers eliminating equity lines for tax purposes, it is our hope that this year will be a highly lucrative one for all.

To that end, we hope to be able to work with our lender and Realtor partners in all 50 States to grow pipelines and market share this year. Our long track record shows that the unique services we offer not only provide the support you need as a mortgage or real estate professional, but also lead to your clients referring you to their spheres of influence.

In addition, please remember that Kriss Law/Atlantic is always available to support any business initiatives you may have. From our Realtor continuing education program to helping you forge affinity relationships, our breadth of experience in developing business in many ways directly correlates to more volume for our lender and agent clientele. 

Let Kriss Law/Atlantic's one-of-a-kind approach to the closing business work for you regardless of what part of the country you are in. Our unique services include:

-The most competitive and flexible closing fees. WE WILL BEAT THE FEES OF ANY COMPETITOR, just ask us for a quote! We offer two ways in which to obtain a fee quote: 

*During business hours, you can send a transaction scenario to You will receive a guaranteed quote back within 15 minutes

*Our online LE Calculator is available 24/7. Log in using the "Guest" tab here: Kriss Law/Atlantic Fee Calculator.  If you would like a code to access special pricing, please contact us and we will gladly arrange that for you

-Our Realtor continuing education program is the largest of its kind in the country. We encourage both Realtors and lenders to participate

-Our seasoned staff and attorneys are available to answer questions seven days a week and in the evening as well (check our website for our Weekend On-Call Attorney)

-We are pleased to not only order and coordinate subordination agreements, but pay the upfront fee as well

-Our Condominium Department will assist with approvals, questionnaires, or any other related questions or issues

-With one of the largest processing staffs in the country, you can feel confident that regardless of volume, we are always ready to handle your loans and turn title immediately

-We are happy to close in any location and at any time that is convenient to you and the parties involved in the transaction at no additional charge

-With offices throughout the country, your clients can work with a local company while you benefit from our national capabilities

-Lenders, if there are Realtors or brokerages with whom you would like to work, let us know. With so many agents counting on Kriss Law/Atlantic for their continuing education credits, we can make introductions to many of the people that you would like to work with

-Realtors, Kriss Law/Atlantic is always available to provide support and insight on any marketing or educational endeavors you may undertake.

If you have any questions in regard to the services above, obtaining a fee quote, needing a pricing adjustment, the firm in general, or if you would like to discuss a potential outside-the-box business opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

We look forward to a busy 2018 and beyond!!



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