May 28, 2024

Needham, MA--The process of buying and selling real estate is a technical, legal and often esoteric labyrinth that is often, unfortunately, incomprehensible to a first-time homebuyer. That is why most real estate industry professionals declare that their number one asset is their ability to effectively communicate with and educate their homebuyers and borrowers.

But before you have the opportunity to begin that educational process, you have to get them in the door.

However technical the actual process is, to the homebuyer, the decision to buy or sell or even refinance is highly emotional. These deep-seated feelings begin with the hopes and dreams they have for this significant decision but are also tangled up with accompanying fear and uncertainty as they navigate the process.

Understanding the emotional aspect from your customers’ perspective and integrating that into your marketing will help you more effectively connect with potential customers.

Here’s how you can accomplish that.

Coca Cola will make you happy

Emotional marketing is at the core of Coca Cola’s promise that drinking their product will make you happier, more energized, and more connected to others. The company has successfully parlayed this for decades to build a worldwide empire. It’s not about the product; it is about the experience.

Real estate professionals are in the same boat. What they desire most is that their customers have a positive and successful experience when they buy, sell or borrow.

So, what you are selling, in the end, is the experience not the service. But most marketing campaigns focus on services offered.

Shifting to an emotion-based marketing strategy reaches your customers at a more authentic level that acknowledges their fundamental desires, concerns and values.

The how-to of emotional marketing

The first step in crafting a campaign is to understand the customer’s experience. As a real estate professional, you already have considerable insight into the mix of emotions that impact buying and selling real estate. But this mix is going to be different for a first-time homebuyer compared to a retired couple who is downsizing, a family that is selling because of a transfer, a couple who is divorcing, or an investor who is buying their first property. Thinking through how you want to approach each of these potential customers is key.

And even if you think you know, actual research will augment your own personal knowledge, whether that is reviewing customer surveys, monitoring what people are saying on social media, or analyzing your reviews or reviews of other real estate professionals.

The second step is to weave this information into your marketing through storytelling. Instead of focusing on the services you provide, create marketing that evokes a deeper emotion about what your customers will experience if they employ your services.

Researching successful companies who have used these techniques will provide you with great insight and ideas for your own campaign.

And finally, make sure your content is authentic to who you are, your values and the experience the customer will have. Your marketing campaign should give your customers a peek behind the curtain, at the very soul of your company – what you believe in and how you operate in a way that provides the basis for a phenomenal outcome for them.

At Kriss Law/Atlantic Closing & Escrow, we are closely aligned with our client’s intention to provide a high-quality and emotionally supportive experience for homebuyers and sellers. Contact us today to learn more.

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