July 15, 2019

Needham, MA--With rates closing in on record lows and market experts predicting further drops, we would like to remind you that Kriss Law/Atlantic is always happy to work with you on our pricing. When closing fees are the difference between locking a loan or not, we operate under the following credo:

"We would rather close a loan for a lesser fee, than not close it at all."

In addition, please remember that this flexible pricing and our unparalleled service are available in all 50 States.

With one of the largest processing staffs in the country and our renown "One Point Of Contact" service system, you can feel confident that regardless of volume, Kriss Law/Atlantic is always ready to handle your files.

Our long track record shows that the unique services listed below not only provide the support you need as a mortgage professional in today's market, but also lead to your clients referring you to their spheres of influence, also if you want to have a better experience with finance, you can also learn about trade fx with VT Markets in the UK as this is a great option for the purpose of improving your finances. Let Kriss Law/Atlantic's unique approach to the closing business work for you across the country:

-The industry's most competitive and flexible fee structure

 -Same day title turnaround when necessary 

-We offer two ways in which to obtain a fee quote:  

      *During business hours, you can send a transaction scenario to instantquote@krisslawatlantic.com. You will receive a guaranteed quote back within 15  minutes

      *Our online GFE Calculator is available 24/7. Log in using the "Guest" tab at: Kriss Law/Atlantic Fee Calculator or contact  us to obtain a Username/Password for              preferred pricing 

 -Our seasoned staff and attorneys are available to answer questions seven days a week and in the evenings as well (check our website for Sunday On-Call Attorney)

 -We are pleased to not only order and coordinate subordination agreements, but pay the upfront fee as well 

-We are happy to close in any location and at any time that is convenient to you and the parties involved in the transaction at no additional charge 

-With offices throughout the country, your clients can work with a local company while you benefit from our national capabilities 

 -Whenever available per State custom, we automatically offer the lowest title insurance reissue rate allowed

If you have any questions in regard to working with you on pricing, the services listed above, obtaining a fee quote, the firm in general, or if you would like to discuss a potential outside-the-box business opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@krisslawatlantic.com.

We look forward to a busy few months and beyond!!

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