January 24, 2023

Needham, MA--Hello and Happy New Year!

With one of the real estate industry's most uneven years behind us, we at Kriss Law/Atlantic wanted to check in to let you know what we have in store for what we believe will be a strong 2023.

As always, we consider helping our Realtor and lender clients in building pipeline to be our number one priority. While we do expect this year to be more consistent than last--and have already seen rates tick down a bit and inventory increase slightly--helping you to achieve your goals in what is a very different market than in the recent past takes implementing revised initiatives.

With this in mind, we have taken the last several months to consider the key questions that everyone in the industry is asking: Rates have spiked, will they go down? It was a sellers' market, is it turning into a buyers' market?

While we can use the data we have to make an educated guess, no one knows exactly where the market will go. What we can do however, is easily supply an answer to a third and more important question:

Q: As a Realtor or mortgage professional, what can you do to make sure your income remains in line with what it has been over the last few years?

A: Work With Kriss Law/Atlantic for title and closing.

Like many of you, we have been a mainstay in the real estate industry for decades. In that time, we have seen the market move up and the market come down many times over. While the 2022 shift did approach more quickly than others, so many of your peers and colleagues work with us in markets like these because of our experience and approach to keeping your business consistent.

Since the change in market, many folks in the title space have disappeared during the time when their clients are especially in need of additional support. At Kriss Law/Atlantic, as we have done for many, many cycles, did the exact opposite:

-In the last year, we have tripled our weekly amount of Realtor continuing education sessions, home buyer events, and lender informational presentations;

-We have been working overtime to speak with buyers and sellers regarding contractual and conceptual changes that have arisen as a result of the market change;

-While our competitors have seriously decreased their outlays to support Realtor and lender initiatives aimed at capturing the deals that are out there, we have greatly increased our spending to further support our clients;

-In an effort to help our clients secure as many transactions as they can during this time, we have consistently lowered our fees whenever possible in hopes of making our partners extremely competitive;

-With our always robust and experienced staff in place and with volume having decreased, our service levels are at an all-time high.

Working with Kriss Law/Atlantic as your title and closing partner can and will make a difference in your business in 2023. If you would like to take advantage of any of the initiatives we have implemented in the last year, please let us know!

Our long track record shows that in addition to our outside-of-the-box thinking when business is slower, the unique services listed below not only provide the support you need as a real estate professional in today's market, but also lead to your clients referring you to their spheres of influence. Let Kriss Law/Atlantic's unique approach to the closing business work for you across the country:

-The industry's most competitive and more important, flexible fee structure

-Our unique One-Point-Of-Contact service model insures that customers leave a transaction thrilled with the experience and ready to refer you to their friends and family

-Same day title turnaround in all 50 States when necessary

-We offer two ways in which to obtain a fee quote:

*During business hours, you can send a transaction   scenario to instantquote@krisslawatlantic.com. You will receive a guaranteed quote back within 15 minutes

*Our online LE Calculator is available 24/7. Log in using the "Guest" tab at: Kriss Law/Atlantic Fee  Calculator or contact us to obtain a Username/Password for  preferred pricing

-Our seasoned staff and attorneys are available to answer questions seven days a week and in the evenings as well (check our website for Weekend On-Call Attorney)

-In jurisdictions where it is customary, we do not charge an additional fee when our attorneys review and revise a purchase contract

-From hybrid to full e-closings, we are at the forefront of using the latest technology to complete your transaction safely and efficiently

-We are pleased to not only order and coordinate subordination agreements, but pay the upfront fee as well

-We are happy to safely close in any location and at any time that is convenient to you and the parties involved in the transaction at no additional charge

-With offices throughout the country, your clients can work with a local company while you benefit from our national capabilities

-We are happy to track and complete condo docs, insurance, and questionnaires free of charge

-We are always happy to run a quick, complimentary pre-listing title rundown so you as the agent have knowledge of any existing liens, encumbrances, etc.

-Whenever available per State custom, we automatically offer the lowest title insurance reissue rate allowed

If you have any questions in regard to our current initiatives, working with you on pricing, any of the services listed above, or the company in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@krisslawatlantic.com.

We look forward to a great 2023 together!!

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